2019-07-02 15:20:23

Essential Apps to download in BA


Apps for Food 

In my opinion, food is the most important thing, no matter the city where you are.

Guía Oleo

It is a guide to eating out in Buenos Aires. It provides reviews and also allows you to search by name, food type, location, rating and price.


This one is similar to Guía Oleo but preferred by the locals. Restorando often has impressive discounts available on local restaurants and bars. 


It is the best option when you are too lazy to eat out. PedidosYa brings the food you ordered straight to your door. Rappi and Glovo are also great ones. What’s more,  you can use them for more than just food delivery.


Another important issue is how to move within the city.


MapsMe basically provides the same service as Google Maps. So what makes the difference ? You can use it without WiFi, in other words, everywhere even if you don’t have access to the Internet.

BA Cómo Llego

Just put your starting point and destination and BA Cómo Llego will provide the best routes, via subte, colectivos, train, car or foot, as well as estimated travel times.

BA Eco Bici

If you want to use a more eco-friendly transportation, you should know that Buenos Aires is becoming a green and a cycle-friendly city. That’s why BA Eco Bici guides you through the growing network of bike lanes.


BA Taxi brings you information about the driver and about the price but I would advise you to use Uber. Uber is present in Buenos Aires and you have to take advantage of it because it is very cheap and you can see information about the car, the driver or the price. Cabify is also a good option because it is a kind of intermediate between Uber and regular taxis.

Entertainment & Culture Apps

There’s always something to do in Buenos Aires, anytime of the week. 


Here you have all the information you need about the public holidays, works, exhibitions, shows, recitals and social activities of Buenos Aires. You can add any event to your calendar so you will never miss a thing that interests you.

Porteño Spanish

Even if you are a Spanish speaker, you sure noticed that there are differences with the language which is spoken in Argentina and Uruguay. This app helps you to learn native words and phrases like ‘’quilombo’’ or the classic ‘’Che, boludo’’.


A Milonga is a spectacle of tango, the traditional ballroom dance of Argentina. You can’t come to Buenos Aires and not have experienced one. Hoy Milonga tells you up where and when the Milongas are taking place throughout the city. Hoy Milonga also shares more specific tips like if it’s prudent to make reservations first and which days they teach classes.

Last App that I would recommend : don’t forget that in Argentina, everyone communicates by WhatsApp!